A powerful true story of pain, hope, and the struggle for a better life.


Born in South Africa, Hope Tidal’s early life was marked with hardship. Losing her father at the tender age of eight and having her entire life uprooted by war, she endured years of psychological and physical abuse after being sold into slavery and made into a sex worker. But through recounting her story, she found a way to heal her wounds and uplift her soul.


Imbued with poignant prose and recounting a harrowing story of slavery and abuse, Knitting the Wounds is a powerful and deeply moving life story which grapples with the darkest parts of human existence. As a story of tragedy, pain, and hope for a better life, this book seeks to illuminate the light at the end of the tunnel and show that even in the hardest of times, it’s possible to rebuild your life.


A testament to the resilience of the human spirit, this heartfelt memoir shows that a drop of happiness exists in even the darkest of circumstances.

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Knitting The Wounds : Epical Story about regain a new life