What to do When Grief Consumes You

Everyone grieves differently, and just because your mother or daughter or cousin or neighbor seems to be grieving in a different way, or it seems like their pain isn’t quite as pronounced as yours, doesn’t mean you aren’t grieving in the right way. In fact, you might find that the grief can consume you, where you find it difficult just to get out of bed and go through the day. If this is happening, here are some ways you can

Write in a Journal

During the grieving process, your thoughts and feelings go through quite the rollercoaster. If you are someone who doesn’t like talking to others about what you are going through, the next best thing is to write in a journal. You are able to keep this journal private, so that you don’t have the added worry of others judging you. Use the journal to write about anything you need to, whether you are trying to find something positive out of each day, journal your experience as you grieve, or vent about what angers and saddens you during this time.

Try Meditation and Mindfulness

Both meditation and mindfulness can be used alone or separate to help you through the grieving process. They are not meant to rush you or force you to move on from the loss, but help you understand what you are feeling, get to the point of acceptance, then learn how to live a positive, fulfilling life even with this massive loss. It can feel impossible right now, but the more you practice clearing your mind and understanding how to be more mindful in each moment, you will see that it is very therapeutic.

Find Someone to Talk to

Try to find at least one person you can talk to when it feels like your grief is consuming you. This can be anyone in your life you feel you can freely talk to without judgment. It might even be someone you least expected, like a neighbor or a co-worker, or a friend you haven’t been close to in a while. Reach out to someone you know and trust and let them know when you need to talk through your grief.

Look for Distracting Activities

Try to find activities that distract you at least momentarily. You are looking for activities that are not going to detract from your health (like heavy drinking), but instead will give you at least a few moments of peace. This might be painting or drawing, writing, reading, watching something that makes you laugh, or going for a walk.

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