The 50 Year Old Woman: Embrace Your Empowerment

So you just hit the big 50, that’s quite an achievement!

The years to come will start a new chapter that could be filled with joy and all life has to offer you, if you go after it.

Sadly, however, too many women resign themselves to a life of just “settling” after that magical milestone. But why should you? You’ve spent your younger years rearing kids, paying bills and heading through the corporate loops you were made to jump all those years.

Of course, it’s time to have crazy fun! So what good is there to do to celebrate this glorious milestone? Let’s explore now!

Take That Trip You Always Wanted

Far too often, as a young woman you had way too much on your plate. From keeping your home spotless, to ensuring your family had warm home cooked meals at every turn, offering endless love and affection to kids, keeping a husband contented and too many other tasks to remember.

The result?

Fun and a good time took a back seat, and often. Undoubtedly, there had to be times you resented having to do all that you did, but now’s your turn. Your turn to have fun and go bonkers.

Always wanted to visit Europe? The kids are probably gone, maybe to their own families even, so what’s keeping you? The hubby will approve, try it!

Indulge Your Passion

Hobbies often fall by the wayside too, many women having to toss them in the pile of things that you just don’t have the time for.

Always loved reading, and coming up with stories on your own? How about writing your own books. No, it’s not a pipe dream anymore; the self-publishing revolution is underway making it possible for authors all over the world, regardless of age/sex/ location to have their words read by avid readers.

Your experiences over the years could make an interesting autobiographical or memoir type story, so have it heard. There may just be a best seller hidden in there.

Become A Mentor

It’s no coincidence that many of the best educators in the world are women over the age of 50, since they possess a unique mix of knowledge and feminine compassion.

Men also make excellent educators, but they lack that compassionate edge women have. Sometimes sharing your knowledge alone is not enough; it takes a special touch.

Do you relate to people, easily, especially young people? If you find them constantly seeking you out for wisdom, this may be something you were meant to do!


If you are dis-accustomed to working out, brace yourself- the first few sessions will be grueling. However, exercise becomes more and more important as we pass that magical 5-0.


Estrogen levels are typically much lower than 20 years ago, so we need to pay keen attention to heart health and maintaining good bone mass.

The key here? Make your exercise fun.

We’re not saying you need to go to a “hardcore” bodybuilding gym, you can opt for dance style aerobic workouts (such as Zumba ) if that’s your thing, tennis, or even better swimming.

There are tons of alternatives out there for you to choose from, you have tons of travelling to do after all, so let’s do it in good health!


The years following the privilege of your 50th should be nothing short of amazing. These are the years you can do all you ever wanted to do! Just be sure to add in some exercise and healthy eating choices for good measure.

The world is now officially your oyster!

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