How To Feel 30 When You Are 50

How To Feel 30 When You Are 50

Being 50 is not the end of the world. In fact, it is the start of a whole new life, and really, it is all about your mindset. I will be 60 in few weeks, and yes I feel as a master of my own life. Freedom and self content is not a dream anymore.

The worst is probably behind us, so it should be smooth sailing. However, this is not the way it turns out a lot of the time, as some become resigned to a fate of boredom, and accept being a relic.

Should you just throw your hands up and scream? Absolutely not!

In fact, 50 is fast becoming the new 30. Yes, you can feel like 30 when you are 50, given you follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain the right mindset.

Ready to turn the hands of the clock back a good decade or two?

Let’s give father time the boot with these tips!

Nourishment Is Key

Good nutrition is, and will forever remain, the bedrock of health. Eating a lot does not necessarily equate to eating good, however, as all you will get is a bloated waistline. Be sure to consume tons of veggies to supply anti-oxidants and minerals necessary to keep detoxification levels optimal.

There is nothing like the effect of oxidation of cells, resulting in premature damage to DNA and hastening aging.

Fruits is smaller quantities are also good, but keep an eye out for the sugar contained in many.

Did we mention water? Your skin is one of the first organs to show signs of aging, but water keeps skin hydrated and looking youthful, so drink plenty!

Lift Weights

Skin sagging is another side effect of the aging process, and the body loses elastin and collagen. These proteins maintain the structural integrity of the skin, but guess what? They’re not the only culprits.

Your muscle mass can also determine how good you look. Coupled with the loss of these structural proteins, muscle atrophy usually accelerates post 50-ish. Weight lifting prevents or greatly slows down muscle loss, allowing you to still look “solid” amidst the changes occurring to your skin.

Sleep More

If you don’t have the pressing need to work, or don’t have anything that urgently needs to be done, stay in bed! For years of your life, you probably went by on 6 hours of sleep. While it is a livable amount, it is far from ideal.

Sleep is the only real time your body recovers, so limiting it limits your recovery rate. If you work out in the gym, sleep is even more important. You’ll notice improved energy levels, mood and overall health, heck, you’ll even look younger!

Indulge In A Little Vanity

Nobody here is going to tell you that a little makeup is off limits. In fact, used wisely makeup accentuates a woman’s beauty at any age, and can shred off years from your appearance.

From simple touching up of greys, moisturizing nightly or applying complexion appropriate powder to mask blemishes, it goes a long way. If you feel the need to have a little cosmetic surgery done from time to time, more power to you!

Have Sex

Yes ladies, you know what time it is! Too many women give up on having sex past a certain age, which is wrong in so many ways.

For one, sex is an intimate and natural way of connecting with your partner, and builds stronger bonds along the way. Having regular sex helps you feel young. Keep at it as long as you can!


We live in modern times, there is no need to be a fossil once we reach a certain age. Thanks to the wide availability of health boosting foods, supplements and advice everywhere, it is very possible to feel and look like 30 when you’re 50.

What are you waiting for? Put some of these tips to work today and enjoy what life has to offer!

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