FREE : Neo Zen Lifestyle Mastery Book

Hi, I do, appreciate your courage to read this post and download the book.

Why? It because you have changed your perception, namely :

1. Many people think that FREE BOOKS / Products are not valuable.

2. Zen Lifestyle is synonymous with the life of Zen Monks; Leaving the pleasures of life, and meditating all day long in a secluded place for the rest of his life.

The reality is;

1. I dedicate this book for free to all of you because to me you are "Precious Souls". I myself was born and raised with Zen principles.

2.Neo Zen Lifestyle is about living in awareness. You are free to build on an abundance of material but based on Zen principles, where every attainment brings not only physical pleasure but also deep inner happiness.

So, Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to sell your Ferrari and then join me in the mountain, meditating until death comes.

For purely spiritual reasons, allow me to dedicate this book with love, may it bring true happiness and peace to you.

BUT I need to warn you, this is not only to be READ and UNDERSTOOD but to LIVE WITH IT, that is where the essence of zen is.

With much love,


PS. Please just click the image to download it.

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