Be careful of the things you go after

It is a busy world. Everywhere around us, people are rushing around trying to make life work. Some spend time following social media posts to find inspiration and motivation. Some have even chosen mentors and role models. Some attend business and family life seminars to find that one thing they believe can give them a good start towards the life they dream of. Some do get lucky and things do work out according to plan while some are stepped on, used as ladders in the process, and are forgotten soon after. Some get to the top and look back to give a hand to those who need help and those who made sacrifices just to see them get to the top. The bottom line is, everyone everywhere is doing something.

The critical questions to then ask are:

· “Did everyone just wake up and decided they will adopt some idea they came across somewhere?”;

· “Do suggestions offered at the business or family life seminars work and apply the same way for everyone who attended?”;

· “What do you gain or lose from helping the next person level up?”

There is a lot we should consider before we make the decision to work on goals of any kind, open our mouth to utter a word, or stand up to perform some kind of action. It is especially important to remember that we are part of a community, a family, or other social groups. Our choices and actions can yield tremendous results that go beyond our personal space to affect the next person. It is an undeniable fact that we live in a selfish world where doing things right may even be considered a weakness.

Be careful of the things you go after

It is imperative that one sets the right targets for themselves, and that they aim for the most appropriate things. Right in the sense that, as much as people around us are engaging in various activities that have proven to be fruitful, it does not mean that we will find happiness and fulfillment in them. The world all around us is promoting different kinds of lifestyles and standards. Some of which have been adopted by people who felt the pressure and played along regardless of their crippled mental and financial states. Some people have envied the life displayed in various platforms and have proceeded to declare themselves failures without considering how artificial life has become and the untold stories behind the smiles and flashy lives displayed everywhere around us.

The point being driven here is that, as we try to become people of value in life, it is essential to think through what we are getting ourselves into. This depends mostly on how we understand why we are where we are, and how we understand who we should be, as well as the role we play in our social circles and vice versa.

If you are planning to have a family, which type of person is the missing puzzle meant to help you have the best family possible? How about, when choosing a life partner? If you live in a group of individuals, how do you plan to use your strengths to contribute to the development of that particular group to make the environment better for you too? If you are planning a career and setting your life principles, how do these things align with your other goals? How about as we choose careers we align them with the person we should be and the future we dream of instead of focusing so much on monetary value and social status.

How about you become part of the group that will promote inner peace and genuineness. As we live with our families, do we seek to contribute a smile and growth each day? How does every single step we take build us? How about we give much thought to who we are as individuals and the power we possess that can elevate us if we do not suppress it by seeking approval from others and trying to fit in.

We may not be comfortable with the thought maybe. But the truth is that sometimes we fail or struggle in life because the lives we are living are not even ours. We are having dysfunctional families, jobs we do not even like and we fight with our partners now and then simply because we dive into things we do not even understand and live other people’s ideas and dreams. We have allowed the world to make us believe we are not enough and our dreams are not valid or relevant to today’s trends.

The right mountain for us is that which fits our unedited characters perfectly and forces us to become better people without losing a part of ourselves. It is the kind of dreams that do not drive us to do things that are out of character. The best part about choosing the right mountain is that once the principles are set and the right steps are taken, everything else just falls into place. It does not mean that one will have it easy in life, but every time somethings derails them, they know just where to start to fix up.

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