6 Reasons To Love Being An Age 50 Plus Woman

Did you know that being a 50 plus woman is totally awesome? Yes, in case you haven’t realized, there are numerous reasons for you to just love being older, as many inhibitions are totally unchained.

Not sure what puts you a leg up over the younger crowd? That’s ok! After reading through this, you will definitely find reasons to love being a 50 plus woman.

Ready to get going? Onward we go!

You Know Who You Are

As a younger woman, it’s not uncommon to be unsure of what you want from life, or of yourself and who you really are. After spending 30 plus years as an adult woman, you learn what works for you, what you are good at, and also what appeals to you sexually.

You no longer need to spend time discovering yourself. You already know what achieves the best results in the shortest amount of time, what fulfills you, and what you are best at. Use it to your advantage.

You Are In Demand

Who says life slows down after 50? Sure, some responsibilities are shed, but opportunities open up that would not have been there for a younger woman. A great example is in the corporate world.

Management level jobs are hardly given to juniors employees while in their twenties and thirties, and even tougher if you are a woman. However, given that you have requisite skills and expertise, don’t be surprised to get calls from reputable companies seeking out your wisdom as a woman of leadership.

Sex Is Amazing

Having sex without worrying about getting pregnant can be extremely liberating and make sex what it was meant to be, for pleasure. The only time you may ever have to use a condom again is to prevent STD transmission, but then again as an in charge woman you know that already.

Even though you may have passed through, or currently experiencing menopause, there are numerous sexual adjuvants that make sex amazing, such as specialty lubricants.

You Don’t Fear Social Conflict

Many young women avoid conflict like the plague, though at their own expense. Conflict resolution is important, is typically not taught in school, and thus must be learnt from real life experience.

As a woman over 50, you probably have had your fair share of conflict, it is likely you have become better at handling them and you are also likely a master at letting go of those that you now realize matter little

You Have Developed Lasting Love

If you stay with your spouse through it all, you had your fair share of joy, loss, conflict and boring days. These experiences have strengthened your bond, showing what a real relationship is supposed to be- not all glittery and fairy tale like, but living as normal a life as you would expect. Your spouse had become the closest person in your life, and your confidante.

And the best part? He understands you, and empowers you. There is nothing more reassuring that a strong shoulder who supports your independence.

The Best Has Just Begun!

Women typically put their needs aside during their most productive years, instead focusing on raising kids, keeping your home clean, being a professional at the workplace, and seeking to be the ideal wife; quite a lot to juggle causing you to have limited time for yourself.

What is the best part about being a 50 plus woman?

You might have just truly started to enjoy your life. Having more time on your hands gives you the freedom to travel, try out new hobbies, or do virtually anything that you would like to.

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